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What applications have aluminum shafts? Ford & GM have vehicles with aluminum driveshafts (i.e. Aerostar, Corvette, GMC Truck, Firebird)
Why do the U-Joints have a protective coating? To stop galvanic action (corrosion) between aluminum & steel.
Where is the coating applied? The cups are steel, this requires a protective coating on the outer surface that makes contact with the yoke lugs & bearing bores.  Without a special coating between the surfaces of aluminum to steel, the aluminum pits, flakes & crumbles.
How is this done? A chemical process developed and used in order to stop galvanic corrosion has been applied.  A barrier coating between .0002" - .0005" thick is applied to the outer diameter of the cups.

Don't risk using standard universal joints without the chemical coating applied.  Protect your customers expensive aluminum driveshafts!

K134A (1310/1330 Series)
K447A (1350 Series)
K467A (1310 Series)
K521A (1330 Series)
K541A (1330/3R Series)
K648A (1330/1350 Series)
-Conversion Joint
-Corvette, GMC Truck
-Aerostar, Corvette
-GMC Truck
-Conversion Joint

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