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Servicing the "Non-Rebuildable" Staked-in U-Joint

Before removing the universal joint you should...
Always Double check your measurements before removing the OEM U-Joint.
Measure as follows, permitting yourself a tolerance of .003 at the bore diameter (A) & .005 between the yoke (B). (NOTE: find a flat surface to measure to avoid the area that has been staked.  This dimension will not match our specifications)
If your u-joints have broken down to the point of
damaging the yoke.  THIS SERVICE WILL NOT

Disassembly of the "Non-Rebuildable" U-Joint


Use a press or a hammer to force the bearing cap
out of the staked ear hole. Refer to (Fig. 1)
Note: Considerable force may be required
Be careful not to bend the yoke or flange ears, and
do not damage the ear holes.


Use a vise or pliers to remove the bearing cap which
is exposed on the opposing side, a twisting motion
may help unseat the cap.  Refer to (Fig. 2)


A small grinding wheel may then be used to smooth
the staked ear hole (Refer to Fig. 3) on the driven
side "A" (Fig. 2) in order to make the removal of the
opposite bearing cap easier.
Use the same method as stated above to remove
the remaining bearing caps.
Once the bearing caps are removed discard the used
joint and inspect the yoke and flange for damage
and clean out the remaining staked tabs and any
excessive burs to provide smooth installation of
the new caps.


Reassembly of the "Non-Rebuildable" U-Joint


Press the new U-Joint and bearing caps into position
and insert clip.  Refer to (Fig 4)


Use a press or hammer to expose the opposite slot
then insert the second clip.  Refer to (Fig 5)
Use the same method to insert the remaining clips.
Make certain that the clips are completely seated
into the groove of the new bearing caps.



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